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'Black Snake Corporation' destroying Native burials at Big Bend after Obama's permit

Lakota arrested halting Dakota Access Pipeline owned by Energy Transfer Partners of Dalla/Photo by Bold Nebraska

Bulldozers tear through ancient Indian site.
Big Bend Conservation Alliance
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
The same corporation that bulldozed Native American burial places in North Dakota -- and attacked Native American women and children with vicious dogs and pepper spray -- is now bulldozing an ancient Indian site in Big Bend, Texas.
President Obama approved two pipelines to cross the border into Mexico, owned by the same company in Dallas that owns the Dakota Access Pipeline.
The corporation known as the “black snake pipeline,” Energy Transfer Partners, stole both the name of ‘Dakota’ for its northern pipeline, and stole the name ‘Comanche,’ for one of the pipelines now being constructed to flood Mexico with fracked gas.
In Dallas on Saturday, the American Indian Movement of Central Texas, and their allies, will protest Energy Transfer Partners, and its CEO Kelcy Warren.
In other censored News, Lakota Grandmother Olowan Sara Martinez, was extradited and released on bond for protecting the water of the Missouri River, where thousands of Native Americans are camped at the Standing Rock Sioux Nation.
The State of North Dakota is now charging the water protectors with felonies, and targeted the media and medics for arrest last week by riot police.
While the State of North Dakota charges water protectors and the media with crimes, North Dakota refuses to charge those who attacked women and children with vicious dogs and pepper spray. The online community found it easy to identify the dog handlers from the license plates at the scene, Frost Kennels in Ohio, and four former Bismarck police officers acting as security guards for Dakota Access Pipeline, during the attack on Sept. 3.
Amy Goodman, producer of Democracy Now, and Cody Hall, media spokesman for Red Warrior Camp, were charged with criminal trespass. Hall spent four days in jail.
In the north, the Onondaga 15 are in court and have filed suit against the New York State Troopers who attacked and beat them in 1997. The judge has forbidden them to speak to the media. Earlier, Ronald Jones said, “They broke my back that day.”
Even Censored News is now censored -- this time by Twitter. Twitter has blocked all links from the Censored News publisher. Twitter’s excuses vary.
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Dallas march against Energy Transfer Partners on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016
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DALLAS: March Against Energy Transfer Partners Sept. 24, 2016

American Indian Movement of Central Texas and Allies: March in a peaceful manner at Energy Transfer Partners

The same black snake corporation that bulldozed the burial place in North Dakota, and attacked women and children with vicious dogs and pepper spray at Standing Rock, is now bulldozing ancient Indian area in Big Bend, Texas

Following the rally, participants – mournful of the desecration of indigenous peoples’ sacred burial sites and the environment -- will embark on a silent, somber procession past the residence of ETP’s Chief Executive Office.
IMPORTANT NOTE: As this is about a 30-minute MARCH, please, wear your most COMFORTABLE Walking Shoes!! Bring sunblock, water in refillable container
10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Note: The ETP used to be on Oak Lawn, but is ^ here now.
THE American Indian Movement of Central Texas (AIMCTX), is bringing together people from many organizations IN A PEACEFUL MANNER, at the ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS (ETP) corporate headquarters, located in Dallas, Texas to march and to say: "Shut DAPL Down."
THIS Big Oil corporation, ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS (ETP), is Responsible for and is Overseeing the Attempted Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. THE DAPL IS PROJECTED To GO Through NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, IOWA, and ILLINOIS.
CONCERNED ONLY with Its Corporate Profits, ETP has No Regard for the Tens of Millions of People WHO WOULD BE NEGATIVELY AFFECTED by a Dakota Access Pipeline,
STANDING ROCK SIOUX Tribal Chairman, DAVE ARCHAMBAULT II, has stated: “We have a right to our treaty lands, and we have a say. The company, the U.S. government, the state government never got permission from us to be on that land, to do this [destroy ancestral burial places and sacred sites] to our lands….They knew something was going to happen when they leapfrogged over 15 miles of undisturbed land to destroy our sacred sites. They knew that something was going to happen, so they were prepared. They hired a company that had guard dogs, and then they came in, and then they waited. And it was—by the time we saw what was going on, it was too late. Everything was destroyed. The fact is that they desecrated our ancestral gravesites. They just destroyed prayer sites. And it’s disturbing. And that’s why we’re filing for the temporary restraining order. They need to stop working. This company needs to go away. Energy [Transfer] Partners is a bad company.”
Note: ETP is similarly destroying a 5,000 year old Native Sacred site known as Trap Spring in West Texas’ Brewster County, near Big Bend National Park. A major part of the site is being irreparably damaged—despite being determined eligible as a State Archeological Landmark (SAL), the highest honor bestowed upon archeological sites in Texas. You can witness the site and its destruction, in much the same way that the Standing Rock Sioux's sacred burial grounds were callously bulldozed a week ago, here:

ETP is using such tactics as Land Grab by EMINENT DOMAIN—and, as importantly, is ROUTING DAPL BENEATH The MISSOURI RIVER, before it becomes the MISSISSIPPI RIVER. Plans for the Trans Pecos Pipeline seem to be following the blueprint of the DAPL.

COSPONSORS with American Indian Movement of Central TX (AIMCTX):
Animal Connection of Texas,
Backbone Campaign,
Big Bend Conservation Alliance,
Big Bend Democrats,
Big Bend Sierra Club,
Blackland Prairie Rising Tide,
Coalition of 57,
CODEPINK Greater Dallas,
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Trade Justice Alliance,
Waco Friends of Peace.

American Indian Movement of Central Texas (AIMCTX) Members and supporters in Dallas Texas with Allies Will Gather IN A PEACEFUL MANNER and March against "Energy Transfer Partners.

Censored News censored by Twitter: It's no big deal

Censored News through the years, beginning with the Indigenous Peoples Border Summit on Tohono O'odham land, and on to the live coverage of the Boarding School Tribunal in Green Bay, WI. There was the live coverage of the Vicam Yaqui Water Forum in Sonora, Mexico, as they began their highway blockade for water rights that lasted for years. There's AIM West coverage, the resistance at Standing Rock, and the five month live radio broadcast with Govinda of Earthcycles from the Longest Walk 2 northern route. Thank you to each of you for 10 incredible years! -- Brenda

By Brenda Norrell
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I was on my way that day to cover the Indigenous Peoples Border Summit at San Xavier on Tohono O'odham land. So, with no place to post the articles and photos, Censored News was born.
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Onondaga 15 forbidden to speak to media during trial

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The Onondaga 15 have been forbidden to talk to the media during the trial. They can't speak out even though they are the victims of this tragic horror when the New York State Troops Indian Detail attacked them at Onondaga on may 14, 1997.
Ronald Jones said in an earlier interview that he rejected an offer of a $40,000 settlement earlier.
"They broke my back that day," Jones said.

The media is covering the trial from outside the courtroom.

Trial against State Police for alleged brutality in 1997 begins:
Onondagas demand trial over police brutality in 97

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Obama Approved Pipeline now Destroying Indian Burial Place in Texas

Archeologist David Keller witnesses the destruction of ancient indian site Trap Springs in the Big Bend region of Texas. Photo by Jessica Lutz

Obama approved pipelines to Mexico by the same company that destroyed the burial place at Standing Rock. That company is now destroying an Indian burial place in Big Bend, Texas, and the black snake corporation --  Energy Transfer Partners of Dallas -- has stolen the names of 'Dakota,' and 'Comanche,' for its pipelines.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
While the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline was escalating, President Obama approved two pipelines to cross the border into Mexico by the same owners, Energy Transfer Partners of Dallas. Now, this black snake pipeline company is ripping into an ancient Indian site in the conservation area of Big Bend in Texas.
"In May, the federal government quietly approved permits for two Texas pipelines — the Trans-Pecos and Comanche Trail Pipelines — also owned by Energy Transfer Partners. This action and related moves will ensure that U.S. fracked gas will be flooding the energy grid in Mexico," Desmogblog reports.
Just as it did in the north, with the the theft of the word 'Dakota,' for its black snake pipeline, in the south, this black snake corporation Energy Transfer Partners stole the name of 'Comanche' for its pipeline.
The Big Bend Conservation Alliance said, "Today was a sad day as we witnessed the destruction of part of an ancient Indian site along the eastern front of the Davis Mountains by Energy Transfer Partners—the same company that destroyed the sacred burial grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux a few weeks ago. Giant mulching machines chewed through creosote bush and pulverized rock as it ground a pathway across the Trap Spring site for the bulldozers in the days to come.
"This is the first of three stages of construction—the initial clearing. During this phase, brush clearing machines blazed a 125 foot swath through the southern third of the site, a massive tractor with a rotating drum armed with carbide teeth mulching everything in its path. On the backsweep, it scrapes the ground clean, leaving only powdery dust behind.
"Next will come the bulldozers, which will excavate a 125 foot wide trench two feet deep. Any subsurface features and artifacts will be destroyed.
"Last will come the deep trenching for the pipeline. This will obliterate any deeply, potentially VERY old materials."

"Within a two-week span in May 2016, as the Sacred Stone Camp was getting off the ground as the center of protests, the U.S.Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued presidential permits for the Trans-Pecos and Comanche Trail Pipelines. Together, the pipelines will take natural gas obtained from fracking in Texas' Permian Basin and ship it in different directions across the U.S.-Mexico border, with both starting at the Waha Oil Field," Desmogblog reports.
Big Bend Conservation Alliance, "As we stood adjacent to the easement, this machine operator turned, and charged into an area known as a "temporary additional workspace," which is a "bump out" on the main construction easement. This additional workspace overlaps a portion of the southern 1/3 of the Trap Springs archeological site. It was as if the equipment operator was hiking his leg on us."

Lakota Grandmother Water Protector Olowan Martinez Released from Jail after Extradition


Lakota Grandmother Olowan Martinez, who earlier protested White Clay liquor stores and abuses, was extradited to Nebraska on 'terrorist threat' charges after taking a stand against Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock!

By Natalie Hand

Lakota Media Project
Censored News

RUSHVILLE, Sheridan County, Nebraska -- Water Protector Olowan Martinez made her initial court appearance today in Sheridan County Court.
Judge Russell Harford granted Martinez a $10,000 bond for the following charges:
*1 count Terroristic Threat - Class 4 Felony (Verbal threat)
* 1 count Theft - Class 2 Misdemeanor (Took over movable property to take alcohol)
* 1 count Aiding & Abetting in Criminal Mischief - Class 2 Misdemeanor (Recklessly damaging property, namely alcohol)
* 1 count Aiding & Abetting in Criminal Mischief - Class 1 Misdemeanor (Damaged tires on movable property, namely beer distribution truck)
These charges stem from a 2013 Women's Day of Peace rally that was held in White Clay, Nebraska, the infamous tiny border town, population 13, near the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. White Clay liquor stores peddle alcohol to the neighboring "dry" reservation, where alcohol is banned. Four liquor stores in White Clay sell over 4 million cans of beer annually and make a considerable profit. Martinez has been a longtime opponent of alcohol sales in the border town.
The Women's Day of Peace rally consisted of mothers and grandmothers exercising their constitutional right to peacefully assemble to raise awareness of the lawlessness in White Clay, that includes sex trafficking, alcohol sales to minors, illicit drug dealing, sexual assaults and unsolved murders.
"It is unfortunate that Nebraska law enforcement ignores the illicit and illegal activities that take place in Whiteclay that are associated with the liquor stores. Instead they criminalize and arrest activists like Olowan Martinez. She needs to be commended not incarcerated. Let us be honest, the true criminals are the alcohol corporations like Budweiser and the liquor store owners who exploit legal loopholes to make profits and ignore the devastating effects that alcohol has brought upon Oglala Lakota children and families," stated Jorge Castillo, Advocacy Director at Alcohol Justice, an alcohol industry watchdog organization.
Martinez, an Oglala Lakota grandmother from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, was arrested on September 13th in Morton County, North Dakota, on a criminal trespass charge for her alleged participation in a nonviolent direct action to stop Dakota Access pipeline construction.
Upon her arrest, she was informed of an outstanding warrant against her in Nebraska. Martinez waived an extradition hearing in Morton County court on September 14th, thus allowing the Sheridan County Sheriff 10 days to take her into their custody.
Sheridan County Sheriff Terry Robbins confirmed that his office took Martinez into their custody on September 21st.
Martinez's preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 29th at 1:00 p.m. MST in Sheridan County Court.

For more information

Cody Hall
Red Warrior Camp

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